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About Me!
I'm James Connors, or as my online alias goes, SinCalChewy, and I'm 26. SinCal Ryderz were a motorcycle club I was part of during my teen sportbike years, and Chewbacca was given to me due to all the hair, so shortened to Chewy it comes to SinCalChewy! I no longer ride sportbikes and have traded that in for a slower lifestyle. I have severe gastroparesis with a gastric pacemaker implanted to help my stomach, and a J-tube feeding tube to eat if I'm not able to orally. I also tend to be on the higher end of anxiety, and tend to get anxious in certain situations. But I do my best to overcome my many chronic illnesses that I have and get out and explore the world around me! Be it hiking, roadtrips, or just exploring around town, getting out of the house is something I love to do! I've taken network system administration college classes, but for health reasons didn't recieve my associates degree. I'm currently in the process of going back to college for software production and am pretty excited to get back into the regular world after being sick for so long and unable to do so.

The large furbaby with me in the picture to the left is my black/belgian shepherd rescue dog, Wookie! He's a 95lb ball of love, and love going on short trips with him as he does get carsick so longer trips require medication for him to make it. I also have a few cats and am a foster for kitties without a mommy. We raise them until they're 2lbs and then get new kitties. It's a never ending supply of kittens! Can't argue with that.

My hobbies these days tend to be hiking, programming, and social media games/fun. I take it easy and don't try to over-do myself and end up getting sick. I love zoos, museums, and abandoned places.
I'm currently, and always have been for all but one serious relationship, single and am heteroromantic asexual. I tend to have far more female friends than male friends, as I don't have the normal life of a dude. And I enjoy fashion, photography, and go on a lot of trips with my Mom who is a professional photographer. You can view some of her work we've done at DConnors Photography on Facebook. I go on shoots with her most of the time, so also have many friends in the modeling and photography areas of life, hence all the pictures I have of things we/I do. I love keeping photo-memories of things we do and places we go!

You can view the photo albums here to see a lot of the adventures and things I'm doing around California and beyond, most of the photos taken by my Mom or me on my iPhone. I've never been good at bios, but my photo albums will do more talking about me than I could do via text anyways. ♥
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